About Us

Anjannette's Academy of Modern Dance was established in 2005.


We offer dance training that is not only fun, it also develops  co-ordination, fitness, a sense of rhythm, musicality, self expression, as well as promoting self discipline and increasing confidence.














Jazz, Lyrical and Hip Hop classes are taught for girls, boys, teenagers and adults from age 4 upwards at our studio in Henderson, West Auckland.


We teach the JDNZ (Jazz Dance New Zealand) syllabus and our dancers are thoroughly prepared for annual exams.  Jazz Dance NZ was founded in 1993 to fill the need for an   NZ established modern dance syllabus with a wide variety of dance styles including jazz, modern ballet, contemporary, lyrical, hip hop, cabaret and even Spanish, so that dancers can become more versatile.  There are 18 grades within the syllabus and new pupils will be enrolled in the class most suitable for their age and experience.


Our dancers also have the opportunity to perform on stage at our annual dance show.


All our teachers have extensive dance training and are JDNZ members.


We offer early payment, family and multiple class fee discounts.


We invite you to come and view our classes and any new student looking to enrol in the dance academy is welcome to do a trial class prior to paying term fees.


For more information about our academy or our teachers, please do contact us. If you are ready to enrol then click here.

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Our classes
Our classes

Covid-19 Protection Framework

Please take a moment to read through the following points carefully. If you have any questions, concerns or

hesitations, we are only an email away.  Your kindness and cooperation is much appreciated.




In order to keep our doors open to students and their families under the orange traffic light, we are required to follow the vaccine pass requirements.  Gyms and indoor recreation facilities such as dance studios, yoga studios, health clubs, bowling alleys and ice skating rinks, can open under the orange setting, but only with vaccine passes and restrictions in place.  This means that students over the age of 12 + 3 months who are eligible for the vaccine, and anyone including parents/family members over the age of 12 who wish to enter the facility, must show proof of vaccination.

To prove your vaccination status, you will be required to show your unique ‘My Vaccine Pass’ QR code for us to scan using the NZ Pass Verifier app. Your purple vaccination card given at the time of vaccination cannot be used as an official record.


Please note: We will only request to sight your vaccination pass once every six months.

You will not be required to show this information every time you visit.

In order to protect your privacy, your QR code will not be stored in any way.

We will simply place a tick next to your name on our spreadsheet, and then delete the email containing your QR code until we need to see it again 6 months later.


We understand that for many different reasons, these new restrictions may affect your enrolment with us.  I would like to emphasise that we have always prioritised maintaining a kind, safe, and positive learning environment, and wish to continue doing so.  Complying with the new vaccine pass requirements allows us the freedom to operate with minimal restrictions, reduces the risk of further transmission of Covid-19 in our community, and ensures we can continue to flourish as a small business.

If you are choosing not to be vaccinated and will no longer be able to dance with us, please let us know as soon as you can by emailing Anjannette at info@anjmoderndance.co.nz.


You can read more about the guidelines specific to us by visiting





I take pride in our business and how it operates, and would like to highlight the updated policies I have in place at the studio to help our dance families stay healthy and safe. 

Please take a moment to read the following points thoroughly. Your cooperation is immensely appreciated. 


•The Western Heights School hall will continue to be professionally cleaned. If you feel the facility is not up

to standard at any point, please alert your teacher or contact Anjannette and let her know.

•Masks are optional but encouraged as per the official government guidelines. Masks can be removed

when physically active, with the advice to put them back on when entering and exiting the building,

going to the bathroom etc.

•A QR code will be available to scan on the exterior and interior doors of the hall. We will also be marking

 attendance in class to ensure our contact tracing information is accurate.

•Frequent and thorough hand-washing is encouraged before each class to minimise the spread of

germs. There will be hand sanitiser available for use at the front door.

•Dance Barres and door handles are wiped down before and after each class.

•Parents are asked to drop off students and not come into the hall to watch classes.

•Drinks may only be taken from personal drink bottles.

•Please DO NOT attend class if you/your student is feeling under the weather or are still recovering from illness.

If you or your child are feeling unwell, I politely ask that you do not visit the dance studio until you are well enough.

•Anyone who is awaiting a Covid-19 test result should comply with government policies regarding self-isolation.