Our daughter has been dancing with Anjannette’s Academy of Modern Dance for 3 years.  She has loved dancing from the very first class and has grown so much as a dancer during this time and we know that she will continue to do so.  This is all due to the teachers extensive dance knowledge and their ability to communicate this to all the dancers at every age/level and in a caring, fun, professional way.

 Anjannette and Ashleigh have a wonderful way of teaching which brings out the best in all the dancers, this is best shown  by the excellent exam results throughout all the classes and the wonderful show that they put on each year.  The dancers love the show, you can see this by the beaming smiles on their faces and that is what it is all about, having fun and loving to dance.  

Jayne Roberts

I have 3 daughters being taught by Anjannette. They love it, not only do they learn to a high standard but have developed lasting friendships. The standard year on year has increased and the quality of the annual show improves ten-fold.

Kevin Everett

"My daughter, Jessica, is now in her tenth year dancing with AAMD. She has achieved high exam results throughout, for both Jazz and Hip Hop, with great teaching and support from the teachers and loves going to classes each week.  Anjannette has been especially amazing and has been kind enough to take my daughter on as an assistant with two of her junior level classes. She is not only teaching Jessica to be a great dancer but now also an inspirational teacher.


Thanks Anj.... you're awesome!"

Louise Kelly

My daughters have had an extremely positive experience in the five years we have been dancing with Anjannette's Academy of Modern dance. The atmosphere is always friendly and encouraging and the administration is very professional. Dancing has really helped my girls develop confidence, coordination and discipline. The end of year show is the highlight of the year and it is produced to a very high standard - a fabulous experience for all the dancers.  

Raewyn Hooper

My daughter Nicole has been dancing at Anjannette’s Academy of Modern Dance for seven years, starting when she was just about to turn 4.  Nicole has benefited so much from her dancing: grace, balance and poise, a great work ethic with the knowledge that practice and hard work really pay off, and self-confidence, particularly when it comes to performing. She has now done the shows for 7 years and she gets excited rather than nervous about performing in front of a packed theatre.

Anj provides a great learning environment for her students and puts on great shows every year as well. If you’re considering a dance school for your children, I would absolutely recommend Anjannette’s Academy of Modern Dance. The only question is how many of the fantastic classes you’ll enrol your child for and whether you’ll join in too! 

Deborah Kellett

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